Truck Driving Jobs with Full Benefits in Pennsylvania

In a world that is still reeling under the impacts of supply chain disruption caused by Covid-19, the demand for truck drivers continues to be high. The logistics industry needs these professionals for the transportation of a range of commodities – from construction materials and household appliances to food and clothing.

In line with such requirements, the current truck driver jobs in Pennsylvania also bring a number of benefits some of which are not offered with many other vocations in the US.

Let’s delve into some of these:

No need for extensive training

If you know how to drive on the road and have been compliant with traffic rules, driving a truck professionally could be a great career choice.

Unlike several other jobs that require you to spend years in knowledge and skill acquisition, it takes just about 7 weeks to complete Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training programs. There may be a few special requirements as per the kind of role you want to pursue after the training, but rest assured you will hit the road and start making money soon.

When you are employed at J&S ANAND INC you will also have your own dedicated truck for a more comfortable driving experience.

Attractive compensation

The payouts for CDL driving jobs depend on the mileage covered and are typically more than $1000 per week. While working for J&S ANAND INC, you can start with a weekly compensation of $1500 and this is supplemented by special healthcare benefits package and life insurance coverage for all drivers after completing 3 months in the company. You may also get bonuses for special routes and your salary gets revised in line with your productivity.

Job stability

On the top of a great pay, you will never face any shortage of work while working a Class A CDL Driver. There will be daily trips to and from FedEx hubs and you will play a key role in order fulfilments across industries.

With a severe shortage of skilled truck drivers vis-à-vis the consignment loads that the logistics sector is handling – especially for the e-commerce operations – businesses have been rolling out attractive HR policies to maximize retention of their fleet members.

J&S ANAND INC guarantees work for 52 weeks a year and we offer paid vacations to ensure that our drivers have running incomes while also enjoying a healthy work-life balance. The opportunities for career growth are endless here.

Back home every night

Who says truck driving jobs involve living away from family and friends for weeks at a stretch? While you do get to drive on open roads, listen to your favourite music, take refreshing breaks, and make good money, you are also entitled to relax at your own home after each day at work. That’s what CDL home daily jobs are about.

The local driving jobs at J&S ANAND INC involve trips within 300 miles radius in PA allowing drivers to spend time with their loved ones at home. They also get two weekly offs. What’s more, the rosters are sent in advance and are generally fixed so that drivers do not have to alter their routines frequently.

Wish to check our truck driving jobs with full benefits in Pennsylvania?

If the perks of working as a local driver in cities like Harrisburg and York look attractive and you want to leverage your driving skills for a FedEx job, we have plenty of opportunities.

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