What job seeking truck drivers look for?

With a significant shortage of truckers in America, it is common to see advertisements for CDL driver jobs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other states. There are many transportation companies that have well-maintained trucks and trailers to serve their clients. However, it is not easy for them to get experienced drivers on board. And this is because drivers who have actually handled large vehicles are hesitant to stick with long haul jobs that upset their work-life balance.


The good news is that these drivers can still make a living by driving trucks as long as they get jobs that allow them to have better ‘me-time’.  A transportation company needs to understand what its prospective employees are looking for. It has to consider their expectations from an unbiased point of view, and some of these include:


Good payscale

That looks like a no-brainer. Yes, everyone works for money. And they want to ensure that they are actually getting a reward commensurate to their experience and the hard work they put in. Even if a truck driver is working for local pickups and deliveries – that do not require them to travel through multiple states – they expect a compensation of at least $ 1500 a week. An enterprise hiring class A drivers must also be able to afford additional incentives for drivers who go an extra mile in fulfilling their duties for urgent deliveries.


Other benefits

While employment laws require companies to provide certain health benefits to all drivers, the upper limit of these medical and dental resources differs from organization to organization. And it goes without saying that the ones who provide the best of such security will attract skilled and experienced truckers. A road transportation company needs to be wary of what its competitors are offering and must try to match or surpass their offer – this is particularly necessary when practiced drivers are urgently needed for consignment handling.


The privilege to be home every night 

As mentioned earlier, it is the stress of staying away from home for days and weeks that discourages truck drivers from continuing with their jobs. The idea of traveling for thousands of miles, eating at roadside joints, sleeping in a parked truck and staying connected to loved ones only via video calls does not appeal to anyone – especially if they have already spent a few years in the job.

Like any other worker, truckers want to return to their own homes every night. And this is why they prefer CDL jobs where travelling distance per day is not more than 300 miles. Such jobs need them to be in 10 -11 hours shift and they can later have food and sleep in their own abode.


Growth opportunities

The truck drivers who get associated with a trusted transportation company, work on their tasks sincerely, and maintain compliant driving records, also expect some career growth in their organizations. They look forward to getting yearly appraisals on their salaries. They may want to choose their own routes. Their employer should also give them the duties of training new drivers. Entrusting truckers with such new roles and responsibilities encourages them to be more loyal to the company they work for.


In a nutshell, employers need to realize that truck driving is not a task for everyone. And once skilled drivers are hired, the organization ought to value them. Hiring and training new ones will always be more expensive than retaining the ones who are already there.