What Makes a CDL Home Daily Truck Driving Job a Great Opportunity for Earning and Career Growth?

A high number of e-commerce and traditional consumer goods companies in the United States depend on road transportation to facilitate the movement of their stocks from one point to another. For such services, they partner with logistics firms that in turn need experienced drivers to keep catering to their clients.

While the demand looks high and is expected to get even higher, the availability of truck drivers for CDL A home daily jobs is critically low.

Anyone who has been behind the wheel, maneuvering a large trailer or truck for hundreds or thousands of miles, knows that it is indeed a stressful job. The idea of staying away from home and family does not appeal to them. The healthcare crisis triggered by COVID-19 pandemic also discouraged many truckers to give up their jobs.

The point that is overlooked in such cases is that most drivers do not delve into the differences between the long-haul truck driving jobs on highways and home every day CDL jobs.


For anyone who enjoys being on roads but is hesitant to leave the comfort of home for weeks, choosing a CDL home daily job can be a wonderful opportunity. And here are the reasons that prove the point:


It literally implies being “home every day”

Even if they do not like the idea of sitting in front of a laptop for 12 hours daily, some truck drivers envy the corporate employees who come back home after a tiring day at work. However, Class A CDL jobs in Pennsylvania offer the same privilege to truckers.

The drivers are usually required to drive only within a 300-miles radius, facilitating delivery of stocks between hubs. Once their task for the day – involving pickups and deliveries – is complete, they can come back to their cozy abode for supper and a peaceful night’s sleep. They get to enjoy a few hours with family and friends. Their life is comparable to that of an office executive but is not sedentary and unlike most corporate workers who do not have access to any entertainment in their cubicles, truck drivers can always enjoy great music on-the-go.

The money is good

After the pandemic outbreak and massive jobs losses or salary cuts in the United States, there are not many entry-level employment opportunities where candidates can earn more than $1000 per week.

On the other hand, an established transportation company offering home every night CDL jobs in PA is quite willing to pay a minimum of $1500 per week to truck drivers who have at least one year of verifiable experience. Highly experienced truck drivers can earn even more.
As their years of association with the company increase, they also get appraisals and incentives for good work. And if they successfully refer a friend for the same job (because the opportunities in this industry are only growing) they also get a bonus payout.


The perks do not stop at money

Although money is a big deciding factor, it is not the only aspect that attracts experienced truck drivers to home daily CDL jobs. The transportation company provides handsome benefit packages comprising reimbursements or discounts on medical expenses including vision and dental treatments.

Drivers also become a part of 401(k) retirement plans and the advantage of life insurance follows after 3 months of service.


Work-life balance remains optimized

The truck drivers who’ve been on roads for days – without taking a break – yearn for jobs with a 5-day work week. And they get this advantage with a local CDL Class A vocation. Transportation companies offering such jobs give 2 weekly offs to fulltime workers. And part time truck drivers are generally required to work a minimum of 2 days per week.

In addition, drivers get paid vacations to spend more time with loved ones. With their approved leave, they can enjoy traveling to relaxing locations without the fear of losing their jobs.

Scope for career growth

Drivers with Class A CDL, compliant driving records, and rich experience of handling tractors, trailers and trucks are valuable assets for their employer. They become trainers to newer candidates and are regularly rewarded and recognized for their contribution to business growth.
They also win the appreciation of the transportation company’s clients who own esteemed brands in their industry.

Ease of sending application

Sending credentials and a summary of previous job experience is easy while applying for CDL Class A home daily truck jobs as most of them are now available online. However, instead of applying through a dubious third-party portal it is always better to send the details via a known transportation company’s own website.

The recruitment team usually reverts within 24 hours and candidates may be called for a personal meeting. When selected, they are ready to handle well-maintained trucks and lead a life where they not only earn well but also spend the hard earned money on the family that waits for them every night.


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